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IMPORTANT!! Your new CashBack Button extension requires that you have a free membership acount so the extension can link your CashBack earned back to your membership account. If you have not already created your free account, please click the green Sign Up button above.

Happy shopping!

Show your extension

  1. Click on the "Extensions" button in your brower's upper right corner that looks like a jigsaw puzzle piece in the browser toolbar.
  2. A drop-down menu will show you all the installed extensions along with "CashBack Button".
  3. Click on "CashBack Button" to pin it in the toolbar.

Here's how it works...

Your CashBack button is now active and ready to help you get CashBack whenever you shop with any of our 2,500+ stores

This happens in the following 3 ways:

  1. Whenever you visit one of our merchant's stores directly;
  2. Whenever you use a major search engine (Google, Bing, or Yahoo);
  3. When you click the CashBack button on your browser's address bar

CashBack Direct from the Store's Site

You can now earn CashBack any time you visit any of our 2,500+ store's sites directly without visiting the mall first. If you visiting one of our 2,500+ store's sites directly, a drop down banner will appear when the store's site opens announcing you can get CashBack.

All you have to do is click on the "Get Up to x% in CashBack" statement on the banner to activate CashBack on anything you buy during that visit.

Once activated, the banner's text will change color from blue to green and the CashBack button on your browser's address bar will also turn from blue to green.

CashBack Whenever You Search

Now you can get CashBack whenever you search with Google, Bing or Yahoo.

If any of 2,500+ store's return in any search result, they will now have CashBack Button logo and the amount of CashBack offered above that store's listing. Just click on the CashBack Button logo banner above the store listing and begin earning CashBack on your purchases.

CashBack Button

Your CashBack button is located on your browser's toolbar. The color of the CashBack button indicator shows the CashBack status for the store you are currently visiting.

If the CashBack button is green it means that CashBack is both available and activated! You do not need to do anything else to earn CashBack but shop!

If the CashBack button is blue it means that CashBack is available but you need to click to activate your CashBack. Just click the drop down message over the store's site or on the red CashBack button to reveal the "Activate CashBack" button.

If the CashBack button in gray it means that CashBack is not available from that website.

The CashBack Button Menu

You can access the ShopSaveEarnMoney.com CashBack button menu by clicking on it on your browser's address bar. This will drop down a menu from the button with the following functions:

Log into ShopSaveEarnMoney.com

If you click on "CashBack button" logo in the upper left corner, this will open "CashBack button" with you logged into your account.

Activate Cash Back

Anytime "CashBack button" is blue, you can click on the Activate CashBack link to start earning CashBack on this store's site. When you do the button will change color from blue to green to indicate that CashBack has been activated.

Top Deal Tab

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Top Stores Tab

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My Account Tab

See a snapshot of you're my Account including your CashBack earnings and latest purchases.

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